Modern Art

June 26, 2022

20 Surreal Facts About Salvador Dalí

With a career that spanned more than six decades, Salvador Dalí is undoubtedly one of the most influential figures in modern art. Upon his death in 1989, he'd created an astonishing legacy that not only includes his most famous Surrealist paintings, but sculpture, film, photography, and much more. As an eccentric figure from childhood, Dalí loved to push the boundaries—both in his personal and professional life.

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March 2, 2022

Exploring the Experimental and Avant-Garde Art of Surrealism

With its imaginative imagery, experimental artistic approach, and subconscious-inspired subject matter, Surrealism may seem like a difficult genre to grasp. After all, even the movement's pioneer, André Breton, referred to the genre as an “invisible ray,” while iconic Surrealist Salvador Dalí noted that “people love mystery, and that is why they love my paintings.

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December 31, 2021

Picasso and ‘Guernica’: Exploring the Anti-War Symbolism of This Famous Painting

As one of the most famous artists in Western art history, Pablo Picasso is known for his remarkably prolific career that spanned 79 years and included multiple disciplines. In particular, his paintings went through several stylistic evolutions like Cubism and Surrealism, reflecting the artist's lifelong need to push boundaries. And while many of Picasso's paintings are remembered for their trailblazing appearances, only one is known for its powerful anti-war message: the 1937 painting, Guernica.

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February 20, 2021

How African American Art and Culture Blossomed During the Harlem Renaissance

In the early 20th century, New York City's Harlem neighborhood underwent a historic transformation. During what is now described as the Harlem Renaissance, the area thrived as a cultural hub for African Americans, culminating in unprecedented advancements in art, literature, and music. Though this “golden age” lasted less than 20 years, its legacy has lived on for decades.

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