Art History

January 13, 2018

The Story and Inspiration Behind Claude Monet’s Iconic ‘Water Lilies’ Series

As the primary pioneer of Impressionism and a Modern Art master, Claude Monet is known for his distinctive style and iconic oeuvre. With an interest in capturing the fleeting effects of light on his subjects, the French artist often opted to paint en plein air—or “outside”—in his picturesque garden. Renowned for its Japanese influences, this manicured plot featured weeping willow trees, seasonal flowers, and, most famously, a network of water lilies.

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January 5, 2018

The History and Legacy of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mysterious “Mona Lisa”

For centuries, audiences have been captivated by the mysterious Mona Lisa. A key piece of Italian master Leonardo da Vinci‘s ouevre and a prime example of High Renaissance painting, the piece has become known as one of the most recognizable and skillfully rendered works of art. The Mona Lisa is renowned for both its curious iconography and its unique history.

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