Art History

November 4, 2018

The Whimsical “Composite Heads” of 16th-Century Painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo

There have been many memorable portraits throughout the history of art, including the likes of Leonardo’s legendary Mona Lisa and Van Gogh‘s iconic self-portraits. There’s no denying that the genre of portrait painting has been a staple for centuries. Most of these portraits offer straightforward depictions of  people. However, in the 16th century, painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo turned the genre on its head with his topsy-turvy Composite Heads. Who is Giuseppe Arcimboldo? Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1526-1593)

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October 28, 2018

What is Minimalism? Learn the Intricacies & History of This Influential Aesthetic

Minimalism—it’s a word we often hear, but what does it really mean? Depending on your perspective, minimalism can pertain to many different things. For instance, the tiny house trend was partially driven by the idea of simple living. This minimalist lifestyle asks people to reflect on what’s really essential in their lives and reduce the clutter—whether physical or spiritual. Minimalism is also important to the visual arts and design.

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October 18, 2018

The Enchanting History of Notre-Dame Cathedral’s Famous Gargoyles

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris is celebrated as one of the most exquisite examples of Gothic architecture. Constructed in the Middle Ages, the church has welcomed worshippers and sightseers for centuries, inspiring awe with its sky-high spires, ethereal stained glass windows, and spell-binding sculptures. Among carved depictions of holy figures like saints and prophets, the cathedral’s exterior also features a menagerie of grotesques, stone creatures intended to protect the church from malevolent spirits.

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