Body Art

January 7, 2021

Poignant Photos Highlight the “Invisibility of Poverty”

Just because you can’t see it, does that mean it isn’t there? That is a question easily invoked by photographs from UNICEF China’s 2008 campaign to raise awareness about the “invisibility of poverty” affecting children in China. In a series of poignant photographs, homeless children in Beijing were painted identical to their surroundings so that they were almost indiscernible from the cityscape around them.

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August 7, 2014

Models Covered in Elaborate Bodypaint Blend Perfectly Into NYC Landscapes

Artist Trina Merry uses the human body as the canvas for all of her many incredibly creative projects. Most recently, having relocated to New York City from California, the artist ventured out into the Big Apple to create New York Camouflage Series as a way to learn more about her new hometown. “I wanted to engage the city and understand it and make some observations,” she said.

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