Watercolor Painting

July 3, 2023

15 Famous Watercolor Artists Who Continue to Influence Painting Today

Watercolor painting is one of the most accessible forms of art. More likely than not, everyone has tried this type of painting at some point in their life, whether it be in art class as a child or just discovering it as an adult. Despite this familiarity, however, many people don’t know its rich history and some of the most famous watercolor artists who have made the medium what it is today.

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October 20, 2022

20 Best Watercolor Paint Sets Both Beginners and Professional Artists Will Love

Since gaining widespread popularity in the 18th century, watercolor painting has been a favorite of amateur and professional artists alike. Its portability makes it the perfect medium to take on the road, allowing artists to sketch en plein air or rapidly work out ideas. But with so many available brands, what are the best watercolor sets on the market? And what to look for when selecting watercolor paint?

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April 20, 2022

Beautiful Flowers Bloom in Anti-War Watercolor Paintings

In a world that is increasingly modern and industrial, artists often use natural motifs as symbols for healing. One artist uses his love of flower imagery to convey anti-war sentiment in a new series of watercolor paintings. Japan-based illustrator Hiroki Takeda adds colorful blooms to poignant images of war to spread a message of peace.

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March 10, 2022

Delicate Grayscale Watercolor Paintings Look Like Grainy Vintage Photographs

Artist Elicia Edijanto creates watercolor art with a nostalgic quality. Her compositions of solitary children, animals, and misty landscapes look like grainy black and white photographs or stills from a long-lost film. In actuality, they are painted with a grayscale palette. Each of these wistful pieces blurs reality with dreams. Edijanto's delicate brushstrokes capture the forms of people, creatures, and even statues but do not focus on the details of their faces or expressions.

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