Watercolor Painting

December 30, 2020

Artist Turns Used Tea Bags Into Miniature Canvases for Daily Watercolor Paintings

Since she began her 363 Days of Tea project in 2015—a personal challenge to create art daily by repurposing her used tea bags—visual artist and graphic designer Ruby Silvious has not ceased to record everyday impressions on her miniature recycled canvases. What has resulted in the following years is quite an extensive body of work, including several series documenting her travels, daily life, and even museum visits.

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October 4, 2020

Exquisite Watercolor Paintings Imagine the Human Body Intertwined With Nature

Many artists find inspiration in the diverse beauty of nature. For watercolorist Anna Rakitina, it is the rich forests of her native Siberia. Tall pine trees, small leafy plants, fungi, and flowers are some of the many environmental motifs that appear in her artwork. In most of her paintings, she renders the flora true to life with three-dimensional shading and meticulous detail.

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