Watercolor Painting

June 26, 2021

Artist Transforms Animals Into Botanical Gardens in Colorful Watercolor Paintings

All animals enjoy a beautiful day outside. Well, Japanese artist Hiroki Takeda captures the beauty of this relationship in his series of verdant watercolor paintings. Using a vibrant color palette of pinks and reds, he designs animals that contain a secret garden of blossoms and grass. These botanical-inspired paintings feature charismatic cats and dogs, hamsters, birds, lizards, and more.

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March 17, 2021

10 Essential Watercolor Painting Tips for Artists of Every Skill Level

There are many reasons why watercolor paint is one of the most popular and beloved mediums. Its delicate transparency, ability to blend and layer, and affordability make it an ideal coloring choice for artists of every skill level. If you're new to watercolors, however, the fluidity of the medium can seem a bit daunting–especially in comparison to dry media like colored pencils and pastels.

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