July 13, 2021

Artist Transforms Plants Into Miniature Hand-Woven Vessels

Basket weaving is an age-old art form with roots in different cultures across the world. UK-based artist Suzie Grieve, aka Foraged Fibres, is a self-taught weaver who transforms different varieties of plants into miniature, hand-woven creations. Coming in all shapes, functions, and sizes, her intricate art illustrates the numerous capabilities of natural materials.

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July 3, 2021

Essential Card-Making Supplies to Help You Make Your Own Awesome Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are an important facet of everyday life. We send them to commemorate graduations, congratulate new parents, or convey birthday wishes. The “greetings” sent can console, commiserate, or confess. Whatever a greeting card says, it helps us build and maintain relationships with those we love—both near and far away. Nothing is a more personal touch for these relationships than making your own cards. Some simple crafting supplies are all you need to get started.

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June 30, 2021

Embroidery Artist Mimics Lush Forest Landscapes Through Brilliant Stitching Techniques

Artist Katrin Vates evokes the lushness of the great outdoors through embroidery. Her meticulously detailed landscapes depict tall trees and hidden houses via tiny stitches. They evoke the beauty and wonder you feel when walking through the woods; that the landscape is vast but is full of small moments like a leaf floating towards the ground. Vates became interested in embroidery as a way to decorate things in her home.

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