May 6, 2021

Japanese Artist Crafts Adorable Crocheted Bonsai Trees

To the untrained eye, knitting can seem a bit like witchcraft. Master needleworkers seem to magically create all sorts of textile objects with quick, nimble hand movements. One Japanese crafter who works under the name Atelier Euph creates sculptural knitted and crocheted objects that are particularly impressive. She recently paid homage to the bonsai by crocheting an amigurumi version of the beloved miniature tree.

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April 19, 2021

Free Software Lets You Easily Create Complex Japanese Wood Joinery

Traditional Japanese carpentry employs a variety of ancient techniques that allow wooden structures to be built without the use of any nails, screws, adhesives, or modern power tools. To the Western observer, that may seem far from structurally sound; however, there are many buildings constructed using traditional Japanese wood joinery methods that have stood for hundreds of years.

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April 15, 2021

This Artist Stitches Colorful 3D Embroidery Designs Inspired By the British Countryside

When seen from above, the world’s landscapes can look like colorful patchworks of abstract shapes and textures. Some people choose to photograph these beautiful birds-eye views, but England-based textile artist Victoria Rose Richards captures them with her needle and thread. She creates colorful, 3D embroidery designs inspired by aerial views of the British countryside. With an academic background in biology, Richards has always had an interest in nature.

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March 26, 2021

10 Quick and Easy Spring Crafts for the Whole Family To Get Creative

Spring is here, and what better way to brush away the winter cobwebs than with some fresh new projects. Crafting during this time of year is always fun. After all, you've got warm weather and fresh blooms as inspiration! Need some help to start making? These quick and easy crafts can be done in minutes. They're fun for the whole family and will be sure to ignite your creativity.

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