February 7, 2024

Artists Merge Thread Painting With the Japanese Art of Kintsugi on Vintage Plates

When artists with two different styles come together, magic can happen. That is certainly the case with the collaboration between embroidery artist Katerina Marchenko and mixed-media artist Artashes Sardarian. They've merged Marchenko's embroidery on tulle with Sardarian's kintsugi to great effect. The pair worked together using vintage plates, tulle, embroidery thread, and gold. The results are delicate mixed-media pieces where Marchenko's embroidered eyes and hands peer out from holes in the punctured ceramics.

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January 22, 2024

Artist Transforms Sheets of Paper Into Meticulously Laser-Cut Designs

Over the past several years, paper artists have demonstrated the versatility of their common fibrous material. While some cut or carve paper by hand, others merge traditional craftsmanship with digital design. Such is the case for Ibbini Studio. Abu Dhabi-based artist Julia Ibbini works with computer scientist Stéphane Noyer to create sculptural paper works inspired by ornamental motifs from antique Persian carpets, Japanese cloisonné vases, and more.

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January 4, 2024

Stunning Embroidered Still Lifes Made With Countless Stitches of Colorful Thread

While many think of embroidery as a type of adornment, there are numerous crafters who are pushing the creative possibilities of this age-old pursuit. French artist Cécile Davidovici has collaborated with film director David Ctiborsky in a series titled La Vie Silencieuse, or “The Silent Life,” which transforms still life scenes into embroidered masterpieces. Each of these still lifes was produced first as a 3D model by Ctiborsky, after which, Davidovici would embroider the images.

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November 14, 2023

Artist Uses Needle and Thread to Create Realistically Embroider Hair

Whether it's a messy bun, a simple braid, or a decisive flip, embroidery artist Floor Giebels is inspired by the movement and color of hair. A recurring theme in her work is an image of a woman with her back toward the viewer, which allows Giebels to focus her creative energy on the hair. Using layers of thread to create depth and shading, her embroidery masterfully shows off the creative possibilities of the technique.

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