January 26, 2022

Amazing Hand-Cut Paper Art Mimics the Delicate Effect of Lace

India-based artist Parth Kothekar challenges the abilities of his precision knife in his amazing paper art. He cuts intricate, lace-like designs from one sheet of paper until the entire surface is perforated with tiny geometric holes. In doing so, he mimics the ornate patterns of insect and butterfly wings. “I used to work with stencils to create large graffiti artworks.

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January 18, 2022

Embroidery Excavations Celebrate the Fun of Dinosaur Fossil Discoveries

All it takes is a needle and some thread to make something unexpectedly beautiful. Self-taught artist Rachel Crisp uses her embroidery practice (Blue Sun Threads) to make discoveries of ancient creatures that roamed the Earth thousands of years ago. Each of her embroidery hoops features a pristine dinosaur fossil nestled in a mossy landscape. Based in North Carolina, Crisp finds ideas for her unique pieces by taking a look at her own environment.

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December 29, 2021

Textile Art Celebrates the Minuscule Beauty To Discover in the Natural World

Artist Pi Williams works across disciplines to create art that celebrates the natural world. Based in New South Wales, Australia, she looks to her surrounding coastal environment as inspiration for her textile pieces. The works on stretched fabric feature punch needle embroidery, appliqué, and stitching with yarn to produce abstract pieces that mimic florals, leaves, and other organic shapes.

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December 16, 2021

Artist Makes Incredibly Detailed Wooden Models of Iconic and Vintage Cameras

Vietnam-based artist Phuong Nguyen (of The Wooden Model Design) creates intricate wooden models that are rendered to scale. Crafting everything from classic cars to vintage wooden cameras, their designs even incorporate the most minute of details. In fact, their replicas are so exact that some of their camera models have moving parts and can even take interchangeable lenses. Anyone who’s into photography and cameras will be absolutely enthralled with the expert craftsmanship of these pieces.

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