February 27, 2021

Learn to Love the Loom When You Try the Ancient Art of Weaving

Crafts can be a form of meditation. These process-driven activities often require the same steps repeated over again and encourage you to lose yourself in the act of making. Embroidery, for instance, is centered around poking a threaded needle through the same piece of fabric until your design is complete. Weaving is another craft with similarly calming qualities; it invites you to move a piece of yarn (or other material)

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February 22, 2021

Massive Woven Wall Hangings Modernize the Ancient Art of Weaving

Textile artist Tammy Kanat has an innovative approach to the traditional art of weaving. While a lot of weaving is done on rectangular looms, Kanat opts for a more organic shape and creates large-scale textile projects that are housed within circular forms. Her massive pieces incorporate fuzzy textures and rings of bright colors. This combination is magnetic; Kanat’s work begs for a long look to fully appreciate her range of wrapping, fringe, knots, and more.

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February 20, 2021

Perfect Your Own Pixel Art When You Try Easy-to-Use Perler Beads

Do you love pixel art? This technologically inspired type of work is a charming way to recreate life, square by square. If you’ve always wanted to produce your own portrait made of pixels, then you’ll want to try Perler beads. The material—also called fuse beads, Hama beads, or melty beads—mimics the look of pixels and is an easy material to master. Plus, it's great for kids or adults.

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February 15, 2021

This Artist Has Created a Paper Menagerie of Delicate Animal Portraits for Almost 40 Years

Artist Calvin Nicholls manipulates ordinary sheets of paper into incredible relief sculptures using standard carving tools. He finds inspiration for his paper art in the diversity of wildlife and uses his honed skills to replicate feathers, fur, and fins with masterful precision. “They all present their unique challenges and rewards while showcasing the possibilities of paper as a medium,” Nicholls tells My Modern Met.

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