September 26, 2020

Bees Become Creative Collaborators by Helping Complete This Artist’s Embroideries

Contemporary artist Ava Roth is not afraid of bees. In fact, honeybees are critical to Roth's mixed-media encaustic artwork which combines beeswax and pigment to create striking abstract compositions. Her recent series Honeycomb Collection embraces the natural products of beehives by working in collaboration with the insects to add their hexagonal combs for the finishing touch on each piece. The Honeycomb Collection brings together materials both man-made and natural.

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September 9, 2020

Artist Embroiders U.S. Flag on Cover of TIME Magazine as a Call for Change [Interview]

Artist Nneka Jones has been busy since graduating college four months ago. She gained recognition—and rightfully so—for her portraits highlighting Black girls and women who have faced injustices. The embroidered images are powerful and use circular motifs to symbolize how the subjects are targets within our society. Jones’ latest project—the coveted cover for TIME magazine—takes another conceptual approach, this time applying it to the United States flag.

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September 3, 2020

Woodworker Builds a Tiny Bar for His Local Squirrels to Hang Out and Enjoy “Almond Ale” and “Walnut Stout”

From a backyard obstacle course to a miniature restaurant, many woodworking artists have been using their skills to build tiny establishments for the squirrels in their gardens. In Hilliard, Ohio, the local fluffy-tailed animals are particularly spoiled, though, thanks to hobbyist woodworker Michael Dutko (of Duke Harmon Woodworking). He recently built The Nutty Bar, a wooden structure that looks like a real-life pub—but instead of serving beer, it dispenses nuts.

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July 31, 2020

Colorful Embroidered Landscapes Celebrates the Beauty of Mother Nature

From stitched seascapes to textile portraits, many artists around the world are showcasing the endless possibilities of embroidery art. UK-based artist Sew Beautiful is one expert who is taking the craft to the next level with her incredible landscape embroidery designs. Each vibrant scene is rendered using a variety of stitches, resulting in highly textured designs that look just like colorful landscape paintings.

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