Paper Art

May 2, 2023

Artist Hand-Cuts and Layers Colorful Sheets of Paper To Create Enchanting Mini Worlds

Rather than creating a work of art from one sheet of paper, artist Margaret Scrinkl uses several. By layering multiple cutouts, she creates miniature worlds that are full of abundance. From cabins nestled in the woods to foxes huddled around a campfire, these playful compositions are full of whimsy. Scrinkl also documents every part of her creative process.

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April 9, 2023

Intricate Cutouts Capture the Delicate Durability of Nature With a Single Sheet of Paper

We normally think of paper as a delicate material, but Maude White demonstrates its durability through her series of paper cutouts. The self-taught artist carves into single sheets of paper and creates numerous cuts and perforations until she achieves intricate portraits of plants and animals that are as dainty as they are awe-inspiring. Currently based in the Hudson Valley of New York, White has been honing her craft for over a decade.

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November 10, 2022

Paper Peepshows: How People Experienced “Virtual Reality” in the 19th Century

Today, virtual reality technology involves putting on some sort of headset that can transform the world around you, from creating an immersive experience out of the Mona Lisa to seeing wilderness from the perspective of wildlife animals. But did you know there were similar experiences in the 19th century that could transport you across the world?

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August 8, 2022

Paper Sculptures of Dainty Teacups Made From Old Book Pages

Sweden-based artist Cecilia Levy fashions old book pages into delicate sculptures you can hold in your hand. Using wheat starch paste and a paper maché technique, she layers pieces of paper together, creating carefully modeled objects like teacups, plates, and spoons. Originally a graphic designer and bookbinder, Levy brings her knowledge and love of books into her sculptural projects.

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