Paper Art

June 8, 2021

Brilliant Paper Sculptures of Nature’s Most Beautiful Birds and Butterflies

At first glance, these colorful creatures look like real, living birds and butterflies, but a closer look reveals that they’re actually crafted from paper. Colombia-born, Bristol-based artist Diana Beltrán Herrera has been sculpting wildlife from paper since 2012, and today she’s a master of her craft. She creates lifelike birds, butterflies, flowers, and more, complete with extraordinary detail and tangible texture.

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March 22, 2021

Artist Creates Paper “Seeds” to Compose Dense Landscapes of Unexpected Forms

It's incredible just how versatile paper can be. For that reason, many artists choose to sculpt with the pliable material, and South Korean artist Ilhwa Kim is one of them. She fashions mesmerizing sculptural “paintings” from tiny hand-rolled and dyed paper seeds. Her colorful creations are densely populated by the furled tubes of paper that stack to form intricate hills, valleys, and pathways as they shift and transform with the passing of light and shadow.

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February 15, 2021

This Artist Has Created a Paper Menagerie of Delicate Animal Portraits for Almost 40 Years

Artist Calvin Nicholls manipulates ordinary sheets of paper into incredible relief sculptures using standard carving tools. He finds inspiration for his paper art in the diversity of wildlife and uses his honed skills to replicate feathers, fur, and fins with masterful precision. “They all present their unique challenges and rewards while showcasing the possibilities of paper as a medium,” Nicholls tells My Modern Met.

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