January 19, 2024

Master Carver Recreates Godzilla Out of Wood in 25 Days

Studio Woodart Vietnam takes hefty blocks of wood and transforms them into incredible sculptures. Founder Duy Tran has used his family background and training in traditional carvings and merged it with his interest in pop culture and anime. One of the latest masterpieces to emerge from the studio is an impressive rendering of Godzilla. Woodart Vietnam shared videos of two different versions of the reptilian beast.

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June 22, 2023

Retired Baseball Player is Now a Full-Time Artist Specializing in Wood and Resin Sculptures

Lustrous and hard-wearing, epoxy resin has risen in popularity among contemporary artists. Its versatility comes from being able to be combined with other ingredients such as pigment powders or even other objects like flowers and sand. In the case of Blake McFarland‘s work, he prefers to pair resin with different wood varieties. Since retiring from baseball, he works full-time as an artist, creating stunning sculptures of animals like wolves, bears, and beyond.

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October 6, 2022

Woodworkers Are Showing Off the Incredible Things They Build on the Woodworking Subreddit

Online communities can be a big help for your profession or hobby. These groups can offer support and guidance as well as lend their expertise from anywhere around the world. The subreddit r/woodworking is one of those places. With over 4 million members, the community is home to anyone creating furniture, toys, tools, and more whether they are entering woodworking as an enthusiast or a professional.

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September 22, 2021

Majestic Wooden Tables Handcrafted With Tiny Mountainscapes on Top

In a bid to bring the beauty of nature indoors, furniture designers Benoit Vauthier and Manu Lerendu create one-of-a-kind tables that pay homage to the breathtaking landscapes of America and Europe. Using traditional sculpting tools, they transform wooden surfaces into sculptural, relief table tops that look like little mountain ranges. In 2012, Vauthier and Lerendu met on the benches of the Quebec Cabinetmaking Institute and hit it off right away.

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