October 1, 2022

Experts Recognize Bicycles as the Future of Sustainability in Cities

Autonomous vehicles (AV) are often touted as being the transportation of the future. While the technology is still deeply questionable in its safety and efficacy, some network scientists, climate activists, and urban planners are convinced that AVs do not hold the key to futuristic travel, at least in cities. Instead, the simple manual—or not so simple electric—bicycle is the key to sustainable cities with less congestion and increased mobility.

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June 30, 2022

Engineer Designs Functional Bicycle With Back Wheel Split Into Two Half Wheels

Since their invention, bicycles have been a staple of modern living. And while you may have seen electric bikes and tandem bikes, you probably haven't seen one with wheels that have been split in half. An engineer for The Q named Sergii Gordieiev made a one-of-a-kind and fully functional bicycle that rides as normal, even thought the back wheel is two halves of a wheel, separated.

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February 15, 2021

Cyclist Replaces Tires With Sawmill Blades So He Can Ride on a Frozen Lake

During the winter months, many lakes around the world freeze over due to subzero temperatures. For those who are brave enough, this provides an exciting new surface to explore by foot or on ice skates. However, for a product-hacking engineer known as The Q, the icy terrain is an opportunity to get dangerously creative. The innovative daredevil decided to replace his bicycle wheels with circular sawmill blades so that he could ride on the ice.

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