Engineer Crafts an Amazing Hubless Bike With No Spokes on Its Wheels

The Q Hubless Bicycle

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Ever have a really cool idea but just don't know how to make it happen? Well, if you like watching other people bring their outlandish ideas to life, then look no further than The Q, a YouTube channel about “science and more.” On this YouTube channel, you’ll find a plethora of cool videos that feature a wide range of creative projects—including the making of a giant LEGO man costume out of cardboard and one about how to make your own skateboard out of paper.

One of The Q’s most recent projects involves transforming a conventional bicycle into something very unconventional. Though the channel has completed several bike transformations—including one where the wheels are made out of shoes—this one is by far one of the coolest. It involves removing the spokes from the bicycle’s wheels and creating a new mechanism that makes the bike completely hubless. The finished product looks incredibly sleek, and the video has received more than three million views within its first week.

If you’re pretty impressed by this project but don’t have the know-how to engineer your own hubless bike, then check out this high-tech hubless e-bike. Not only does the Reevo have the futuristic look of wheels with no spokes—like something out of Tron—but it will even pedal for you.

However, if you’re confident enough in your DIY skills, you could take a whack at making a hubless bicycle of your own. According to The Q, all you’ll need is “a fatbike, bearings, some metal, and time.” Scroll down to see the full process video, and check out The Q on YouTube for more awesome videos.

YouTube channel, The Q, transformed a conventional bicycle into a hubless bike with no spokes.

The Q Hubless Bike

The Q Hubless Bicycle

The Q Hubless Bike

Watch the full process video here!

Want a hubless bike of your own but don't know how to make one? Check out the Reevo hubless e-bike!

Reevo Hubless E-Bike

Image via Reevo

The Q: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube
h/t: [Laughing Squid]

All images via The Q.

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