July 18, 2021

20 Architecture-Inspired Jewelry Pieces Any Design Lover Will Want to Wear

Geometric structures, clean lines, ornate details, and raw materials: it’s no surprise that timeless architectural design has sparked the imagination of many contemporary jewelry designers. Inspired by the world built around us, many designers pay homage to architectural pioneers by applying the same precision, balance, functionality, and beauty to their expertly crafted accessories. Whether you’re into classical shapes, Art Deco motifs, or modernist minimalism, we’ve collected a range of architectural jewelry to suit everyone’s aesthetic.

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June 4, 2021

Bee-Inspired Jewelry Looks Like It’s Covered in Real Dripping Honey

Those that have a love for bees are sure to think this honey-inspired jewelry is as sweet as can bee. Each handmade piece is crafted by Stephanie (of Charming Little Fox) in her Colorado-based studio. Her earrings and necklaces look as though they’re covered in real, sticky honey, but the syrup-like material is actually hard resin.

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March 2, 2021

This Adorable Teapot Ring Lets You Have a Tiny Tea Party Wherever You Go

If you love a cup of tea, perhaps you’ll appreciate this hand-crafted teapot ring. The sterling silver statement ring is made by Indian jewelry designer Astha (of Shyle). Featuring a delicate handle, a spout, and even a tiny cup, the beautiful piece of jewelry looks just like a dollhouse accessory that you can wear on your hand. The miniature teapot is based on antique silver teapots found in India.

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