July 2, 2023

21 Enchanting Accessories & Pieces of Jewelry Made With Real Flowers

If you love all things floral, you probably have cultivated your own crop of flower accessories. The next step? Add some authenticity to your collection with this glistening garden of jewelry made from flowers. From delicate accessories to conversation starters, we're sure you'll find something you love. Featuring flowers encased in everything from bangles to baubles, this selection of captivating statement pieces is a great way to spruce up your jewelry box.

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April 3, 2023

Stunning Silver Jewelry Handcrafted by Indigenous Artisans in Mexico

Culture is represented in many ways, capturing the essence of a period, place, and presence. One way that cultures survive the passage of time is through physical items that hold symbolic meaning within them. Our visual culture is apparent in the things we wear, and jewelry is a time-honored part of this human tradition. The online shop Namik is sharing the Indigenous artisans whose work is the soul of Mexico.

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January 30, 2023

21 Jewelry Organizers to Help Sort Your Beautiful Baubles

Jewelry requires a little maintenance to stay looking its best. Aside from cleaning it, organizers will help keep your precious items from getting scuffed and tangled. And, perhaps most importantly of all, jewelry organizers are a landing pad so you’ll always know where they are—giving them less of a chance of going lost. If you're serious about your accessories, it’s worth getting a jewelry organizer that will best support the type of jewelry you have.

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