October 23, 2017

‘Adobe Cloak’ Makes It Easy to Eliminate Unwanted Elements from Videos

At the 2017 Adobe MAX—Adobe's creativity conference—the software firm gave a sneak preview of new technology they are currently working on incorporating into their products. Nothing got filmmakers more excited than Cloak, a feature that allows you to erase unwanted elements in video footage. Essentially, it's Photoshop Content-Aware Fill for video. Forgot to remove a tripod out of the frame or annoyed by a stain on an actor's shirt?

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September 29, 2017

LEGO House Opens Its Doors to the Public with Incredible Creative Experiences for All Ages

Located in the company's hometown of Billund, Denmark, the highly anticipated LEGO House recently opened its doors to the public. Designed by BIG, the building appears as 21 stacked LEGO bricks topped with colorful terraces that denote the different creative learning areas inside. The experiential center has both paid and free areas, and includes three restaurants and a shop—which sells a LEGO House kit—on the ground floor.

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August 29, 2017

Can You Guess the News Story by Just the Illustration?

Illustrator Maria Fabrizio starts her day like many of us—she reads the news. What she does next, however, is completely her own. Fabrizio selects one of those headlines, sketches it, digitizes it, and then completes it as an editorial illustration. Afterwards, she posts the finished piece on her site, Wordless News. There, rather than being bombarded with a sensationalist headline or click bait, Fabrizio boasts that the information is “vowel and consonant free.

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August 4, 2017

Archaeologists Discover “Little Pompeii” in Southern France

For the first time last week, reporters were invited inside the excavation of an ancient Roman neighborhood in a town south of Lyon, France. Called an “exceptional discovery,” by the French Culture Ministry, the well-preserved town was discovered as the site was being prepared for the construction of new apartment blocks. Stretching over 75,000 square feet, some are calling it a “Little Pompeii.

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