Street Photography

October 8, 2017

Photographer Spends Years Documenting His Daily Commute on the New York Subway

Photographer Andre D. Wagner‘s first book, Here for the Ride, is a beautiful compilation of contemporary New York street photography. Turning his mundane 9-to-5 commute into an opportunity, Wagner began documenting his subway rides from Brooklyn to New York. This work evolved into the monograph, which contains 62 images that weave a personal story of life in the city.

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March 28, 2016

Traveling Photographer Captures Couples Kissing in Public Around the World

Kissing is the universal way to show affection–no matter where you go, you can find amorous couples locking lips. Argentinian photographer Ignacio Lehmann demonstrates this in his endearing 100 World Kisses project, which captures culturally diverse street smooching from places around the world. For the past three years, he's traveled extensively–covering 12 countries and over 20 cities–to collect more than 1,000 images of people everywhere, from bustling metropolises to rural landscapes.

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