Street Photography

December 9, 2018

Interview: Russian Street Photographer Documents the Extreme Temperatures of His Hometown

What is life like in the cold extremes of eastern Russia? For street photographer Alex Vasyliev, his hometown of Yakutsk provides a blank canvas for the artist to work his magic. Enveloped by chilling temperatures during the winter, the city is the backdrop for his work, which documents the daily lives of those around him. Yakutsk is the capital of Yakutia, an enormous Far Eastern federal district known for its extreme weather.

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July 24, 2018

Candid Photos Reveal the Stoic Faces of Tokyo’s Nighttime Taxi Drivers

Photographer Oleg Tolstoy is a storyteller inspired by the social dynamics of urban centers. As a follow up to his 2015 series Who’s Driving You?, which saw him photographing black cab and Uber drivers in London, he traveled to Tokyo for Who’s Driving Tokyo? The series is a candid look at the professional men and women who shuttle passengers across the bustling Japanese city. Why Tokyo?

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June 5, 2018

97-Year-Old Pioneer of Street Photography Captures New York Since the 1940’s

After a knee injury slowed down her burgeoning dance career, Manhattanite Vivian Cherry turned to photography. It was an exciting time in New York City, as World War II caused a shift that moved the cultural heart of the world from Europe to New York. And Cherry, now 97 years old, was there to capture it all. Cherry honed her photography skills as an assistant in a darkroom.

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April 26, 2018

Interview: Street Photographer Captures Diverse Commuters of the New York City Subway

New York-based photographer Luc Kordas first moved to the Big Apple in 2014 after living in six different cities throughout Europe. Since then, he’s never looked back and spends his time wondering the five boroughs, capturing the city’s unique energy and characters with his ongoing street photography series, New York Chronicles. Rendered in his distinct hazy, black and white style, Kordas is inspired by the timeless photography of the 19th century.

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