Street Photography

October 28, 2019

Interview: Photographer Captures Candid Coincidences on the Streets of NYC

What started as a way to make sense of chaos has transformed into a tribute. When photographer Jonathan Higbee moved to New York City, he was overwhelmed by the constant action around him. That’s when he turned to his camera in order to make sense of it all and embarked on what would become a well-loved street photography project—simply and aptly called Coincidences.

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September 3, 2019

Street Photographer Captures the Solitude of Urban Life Through Light and Shadow

Renowned street photographer Alan Schaller continues to travel the world, snapping his masterful black and white imagery that captures the spirit of the urban environment. The Leica Ambassador and co-founder of Street Photography International has seen his work exhibited in several Leica galleries over the course of 2019. These opportunities have brought his work to wider audiences, who revel in his view of city streets.

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June 17, 2019

Vibrant Photos Capture the Electric Energy of Tokyo at Night

Tokyo-based photographer Hosokawa Ryohei creatively captures the visually energetic nightlife of the Japanese capital with his camera. His electric nightscapes give a glimpse of the urban jungle and the people who live there through candid snapshots and long exposure images. Rainy nights are lit by electric neon signs, and busy traffic intersections feature streams of tail lights. Each atmospheric image showcases Tokyo’s vibrant energy and constant movement.

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March 28, 2019

Vivian Maier’s Candid Photos of Couples Capture the Timelessness of Love

Prolific street photographer Vivian Maier may be best known for her self-portraits and her incredible life story, but it’s really her ability to capture candid moments of humanity that has made her photography so enduring. As a skilled photographer, Maier moved quietly through the streets of Chicago and New York, clicking her shutter each time she came upon a slice of life worth capturing.

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