August 16, 2018

Learn How the Cozy Craft of Quilting Endured the Civil War and Thrives Today

There are some objects that are so commonplace in our everyday lives that we hardly give them a second thought. A quilt is likely one of those items. Many of us have probably snuggled up with a handmade quilt at some point in our lives; maybe you have one that was passed down from a relative. But how much thought have you given to how they are made and their history?

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July 19, 2018

Van Gogh Museum Puts Nearly 1,000 Paintings and Drawings Online

If you’re a Vincent van Gogh enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of the Van Gogh Museum, an institution that houses the largest collection of work by the Post-Impressionist painter. In the past, Van Gogh fans would have to travel to Amsterdam to view the museum’s holdings; but now, anyone can “visit” the site with the simple click of a mouse.

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