October 1, 2018

Learn How to Draw Human Hands With This “Handy” Step by Step Guide

Drawing human anatomy is tricky. One of the most challenging parts of the body are the hands—especially when you’re sketching them in a realistic manner. As with all things in art, practice builds skills and confidence—which is just one reason why you should learn how to draw hands. They are undoubtedly a challenge, but when you can make them look so life-like that they’re popping off the page, it’s sure to boost your creative confidence.

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September 22, 2018

You Can Now Download a Collection of Ancient Japanese Wave Illustrations for Free

Fans of traditional Japanese art, rejoice! There’s now an incredible online collection available featuring ancient wave and ripple designs from 1903. The black ink drawings were originally produced by the little-known Japanese artist Mori Yuzan. Despite his lack of fame, Yuzan’s artwork speaks for itself—his expressive motifs and patterns would have acted as a go-to guide for traditional Japanese craftsmen looking to adorn their swords, religious objects, ceramics, and other items with wave designs.

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September 15, 2018

Learn How to Draw Thousands of Flowers Using the Same Simple Technique

There are many ways to admire beautiful flowers that go beyond simply setting them in a vase. One way is to celebrate them through works of art. Flowers have a long place in art history, and various blossoms, as well as other botanical elements, have been a popular subject since Ancient Egypt. Since then, they’ve been found in many of the most significant art movements.

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September 1, 2018

Learn How to Draw Your Favorite Feline Purrfectly in Two Different Ways

Drawing can bring you a lot of joy. Whether you’re a skilled draftsperson or just starting out, putting pencil to paper will feed your creative soul. Drawing ideas can come from anywhere, but we’re often inspired by the things we see on regular basis. And with cats ruling the internet—and everything around us, really—it’s only natural to want to depict our furry friends. So, how do you draw a cat?

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