April 18, 2023

Watch a Trumpeter Play Fire in a Classic Physics Experiments That Lets Us “See Sound”

It’s not often we get to “see” sound. Perhaps we occasionally notice the digital waves in a voice recording, but watching sound happen—especially in real life—is a rarity. One classic physics experiment, however, allows us to do just that. Called Rubens Tube, or a standing wave flame tube, it displays the relationship between sound waves and sound pressure.

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April 13, 2023

Study Suggests That Plants Cry When They’re Stressed

Forgetting to water your plants happens from time to time. Aside from wilting leaves, it may seem like there are no other signs that the flora is not doing as well as it could. Well, a study published in Cell suggests that plants do have a way of communicating when they are stressed—by emitting high-pitched sounds. Don't feel bad if you've never noticed it though.

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March 30, 2023

Video of a Strawberry Under a Microscope Will Make Sure You Never Forget to Wash the Fruit Ever Again

Strawberries are in season, but the next time you pop one in your mouth, you'll want to ensure it's washed thoroughly—especially after seeing what you can find on its surface. In a recent video posted to Twitter, a slice of strawberry is placed under a microscope, and the subsequent closeup shows what appear to be small bugs crawling all across it. So, could it really be that delicious strawberries have microscopic bugs all over them?

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