Street Photography

January 26, 2024

Ernest Cole’s Lost American Photos From the 1960s and 1970s Published for the First Time

Born in 1940 in South Africa, photographer Ernest Cole is known for his early work detailing the horrors of apartheid. As South Africa's first Black freelance photographer, he was in a unique position to detail what was happening. But in 1966, he was labeled a “banned person” and fled the country. His work as a photographer continued. He resettled in New York and, in 1967, published his landmark book of apartheid photos, House of Bondage.

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September 13, 2023

Global Street Photography Contest Honors Photographers Capturing Slice-of-Life Snapshots

With its monthly photography contests, The Independent Photographer promotes talented photographers around the world. Judged by American street photographer Richard Sandler, the March 2023 Street Photography competition demonstrates the high quality of the work creatives submit. From a barber on the streets of India to a colorful market in Ghana, these candid moments are incredible snapshots of life across the globe.

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June 18, 2023

Photographer Shows the Raw, Unflinching Reality of Life on Skid Row [Interview]

For the past decade, photographer Suitcase Joe has been spending time at Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. This area, known for its population of people experiencing homelessness, often gets a bad rap. Suitcase Joe was curious to connect with its inhabitants and learn more about their stories. And from this desire, he forged relationships that have allowed him to capture Skid Row in a raw, honest manner.

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