May 30, 2023

AI Reimagines Gorgeous Architecture as Fabulous Footwear and Streetwear

Anonymous artist Str4ngeThing harnesses the power of AI technology to create surreal fashion inspired by the Renaissance. His collection of Renaissance architecture footwear is an incredible showcase for the design results that can be achieved by using image generators. The towering high heels, sturdy boots, and loafers all incorporate elements of Renaissance architecture; but, at the same time, they look good enough to wear.

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May 10, 2023

Woman Creates Outfits Using 1940s Illustrations Drawn by Her Grandma Who Dropped Out of Fashion School

A TikToker named Julia is making her grandmother’s dreams come true. When visiting her grandma Georgie in January 2021, Julia began looking through sketches of dresses that Georgie designed when she was a teenager. Julia’s grandmother, it turns out, had wanted to be a fashion designer. She even attended school for it in the 1940s but was forced to drop out to care for ailing family members.

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March 31, 2023

76-Year-Old Fashion Influencer Defies Expectations by Wearing Whatever She Wants

Aging is a natural part of life, yet it has long been stigmatized. Luckily, many people are speaking up to change that. Even better, some are having a lot of fun and liberating themselves while doing so. Candace Leslie Cima is a 76-year-old fashion and lifestyle influencer working to change the attitudes regarding aging for both her generation and the ones following hers.

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March 12, 2023

25 Flower-Themed Accessories To Celebrate Spring in Style

Spring is finally in full bloom! As symbols of nature’s regeneration, flowers transform the landscape and inject vital color into our winter-weary lives. And while beautiful bouquets often make the perfect pick-me-up gift for most occasions, their short life span means they won’t last forever. Whether you’re treating yourself, or in search of forget-me-not gifts, our colorful compilation of floral accessories is perfect for those who want to display their love of flowers every day.

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