November 29, 2023

LEGO Captures the Magic of the Orient Express in Highly Detailed 2,540-Piece Set

For many years, the Orient Express was a symbol of luxurious travel, connecting Europe with Istanbul. Known as a “rolling palace,” the train ran for the first time in 1883, and finally disappeared from timetables in 2009, having cut cities from its route over the last few decades. Now, in celebration of its 140th anniversary, LEGO has paid tribute to this icon of old-time wanderlust with a 2,540-piece Orient Express set.

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November 15, 2023

Mattel Debuts ‘Wilma Mankiller’ Barbie Doll Honoring the Iconic First Female Cherokee Chief

After 2023's wildly successfully Barbie movie, it's more obvious than ever that Barbie is more than just a plastic doll. She embodies the dreams of young girls and has for decades been a vehicle for imagining a bright future. Barbie—owned by the Mattel brand—has become increasingly representative in recent years, aiming to diversify its dolls' skin tones, hair textures, and body types.

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October 18, 2023

LEGO MRI Scanner Sets Are Donated to Hospitals To Help Children Cope With These Procedures

MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a valuable and versatile medical resource. By using strong magnetic fields and radio waves, an MRI can produce detailed images of the inside of a body. However, it can be a daunting procedure for some, especially children. Not only do patients have to lay flat inside the tunnel of the scanner for a while, but the machine is also known for emitting loud tapping noises.

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September 10, 2023

Mattel Releases Jurassic Park Playset in Celebration of the Movie’s 30th Anniversary

The movie Jurassic Park is a favorite of many who were kids in the 90s, and as such, is still viewed with nostalgia. Since the movie recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, Mattel Creations decided to mark the occasion by spotlighting some of the most iconic elements of this Steven Spielberg-directed film in a highly detailed playset. The Jurassic World The Gates set features a motorized entrance that welcomes visitors to the thrilling theme park.

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