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Japanese “Chigiri-Pan” Trend Creates 3D Character Bread Too Cute to Eat


In Japan, three-dimensional character bread, commonly known as chigiri-pan, is becoming a popular sight on Instagram. With good reason, too—the edible sculptures are totally adorable! One account that’s taking part in this trend is うみ, or @umi0407, an artisan baker who models their creations after cartoon figures like Snoopy, Garfield, the Moomins, and Winnie the Pooh.

At first glance, some of Umi’s handiwork doesn’t immediately resemble bread. Instead of the typical large loaf shape, medium-sized pieces of dough form the overall shape of the body while smaller circular pieces take on the ears, arms, and feet. Different hues are added by mixing colored powders into dough, such as cocoa or green tea. After baking, the creations are brought to life with icing that depicts dotted eyes, whiskers, and button noses. The results are unconventional baked goods that seem almost too precious to eat.

chigiri-pan-umi-2chigiri-pan-umi-3chigiri-pan-umi-4chigiri-pan-umi-5chigiri-pan-umi-6chigiri-pan-umi-7chigiri-pan-umi-8chigiri-pan-umi-9chigiri-pan-umi-10chigiri-pan-umi-11chigiri-pan-umi-12chigiri-pan-umi-13うみ: Pekori | Instagram

via [Neatorama]

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