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Dramatic Portraits of Iconic Superhero Cars

Istanbul-based photographer Cihan nalan translates his enthusiasm for cars and superheroes through a series titled Cars we love. The ongoing personal project seeks to present iconic cars from films that have impacted the lives of viewers and fans. The collection includes different versions of the Batmobile, the Ghostbusters’ Ecoto-1, and the DeLorean from Back to the Future.

Using car toys as his models, nalan captures their inherent likeness to the real thing. The photographer’s lighting choices and skilled hand at photo manipulation come into play as the shots reveal the sleek grooves of each vehicle. The series has only just begun with an indefinite end. nalan is open to suggestions so here’s hoping that a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles van will join the other cars somewhere in the near future.

Cihan nalan website
Cihan nalan on Behance
via [Wacky Thoughts]

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