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Spectacular Aerial Landscapes of Vibrant Salt Ponds in San Francisco

Aerial landscape photography offers a fresh perspective of our world. While some photographers choose to rent a helicopter or an airplane to capture these unique angles from high above, photographer Cris Benton has chosen another route to gain access to the sky. He secures a radio-controlled camera to a kite and remotely composes each photograph by imagining what the camera sees from such great heights.

In this series of work, also a book entitled Saltscapes, Benton explored the South Bay salt ponds, located at the south end of San Francisco Bay, in various states as they are restored into tidal marshes, mudflats, and other wetland habitats. With his flying camera, he captured immense blocks of vibrant colors, captivating shapes, and intriguing textures that cover roughly 15,100 acres of land.

“Not knowing much about the South Bay landscape, I was struck by the wonderful variety of colors and textures associated with the salt ponds. This was fun territory to photograph,” explains Benton. “After learning more about the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project I developed a proposal to continue photographing the South Bay landscape in service of the restoration efforts.”

via [Monde Mosaic], [Berkeleyside]

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