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Crucifixion Made Out of Thousands of Hangers

At this year’s annual Edinburgh Art Festival, spectators marveled at the towering installations by David Mach. Over seventy of Mach’s works were displayed, making this his largest solo show to date. The exhibition, entitled Precious Light, examines and modernizes the themes in the King James Bible on the 400th anniversary of the scripture.

Mach, who is no stranger to using diverse media, created sculptures and collages using recognizable (though unconventional) materials like matchstick heads and coat hangers. We’ve seen Mach sculpt King Kong out of welded coat hangers, but this installation tackled more political subject matters. Once again, the contemporary artist utilized thousands of hangers, this time to recreate the Crucifixion using modern subjects. The artist’s purpose with this piece, as with all of the exhibit’s artwork, is to re-imagine the scripture and to offer a new, contemporary perspective.

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