Geometric Designs Hypnotically Come to Life in This Artist’s Mesmerizing Kinetic Sculptures

By using light, color, and shapes to craft optical illusions, kinetic artist Florian Görlitz is able to create awe-inspiring moving sculptures. The hypnotic elements of his kinetic art make it easy to find yourself getting lost in the stunning spirals and flowing patterns. Much of Görlitz's artwork is commissioned for music festivals, most notably Burning Man in 2022, and it is no surprise why. His bright colors and psychedelic designs are a perfect companion to electronic dance music and raves.

According to his website, Görlitz “has always been enthusiastic about movement and the associated changes in life.” His interest in life is apparent in his artwork, as many of his structures appear to be living and breathing, with minds of their own. From a dynamic stage overhang to a swirling pedestal of glowing tentacles, Görlitz's work transports you to a world altogether different from our own. His “mechanical magic” transports festival goers to a higher plane. As he says, “Kinetic Art is like music for the eyes.”

One glance at Görlitz's Instagram page shows just how spirited the artist is about his work. Many reels show him celebrating his completed projects with an exuberant smile on his face. His enthusiasm is contagious, only heightened by his mesmerizing kinetic creations.

To learn more about Görlitz's art and to locate his exhibitions, you can check out his website. To keep up with the artist's creative process, you can follow him on Instagram.

Florian Görlitz combines light, color, and shape to transform optical illusions into hypnotic moving sculptures.

Görlitz's spellbinding spirals and dazzling use of color-changing technology makes his art even more mesmerizing.

He designs many of his projects for music festivals, as his dreamy style fits perfectly with raves.

Staring at the hypnotizing designs can sometimes feel like you're being transported somewhere otherworldly.

Florian Görlitz: WebsiteInstagram

All images via Florian Görlitz/MechanicalMagic.

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