Artist’s Captivating Land Art Emphasizes the Magnificence of Materials Found in Nature

Jon Foreman's Manifold Spiral of 2024 consists of a spiral shape of various stones or rocks on a beach. In the background is the shoreline with the bright sun shining through the clouds.

Wales-based artist Jon Foreman explores the calming presence of nature in his magnificent land art installations. He practices his art “as an escape from the stresses of everyday life.” In one of his most recent work, titled Manifold Spiral, Foreman utilizes on-site materials to create a rock sanctuary of sorts.

Constructed off the coast of Pembrokeshire, Wales, with the assistance of Terence Wakefield and Osk, Manifold Spiral consists of carefully arranged rocks in a circular formation. This curated coil of minerals is situated on a beach, nestled between other rocks that are sunken into the sand. In the distance, the shoreline is illuminated by bright, warm sunlight. Waves ripple in the background, and clouds dance in the sky above, adding a fluffy texture to the scene.

By collecting stones found in the natural surroundings, Foreman further emphasizes the intrinsic beauty of Mother Nature. Each of his carefully crafted compositions seem as if a sea creature has washed upon shore and planted roots on a bed of sand.

Walking the land to gather stones and then arranging them in the desired pattern—whether it be a Golden Ratio-like spiral, a color-coordinated geometric shape, or a simple circle—establishes a relationship between the artist and his earthy materials. Temporality and the uncertain behavior of nature impact the longevity of the artist's work. A strong wave that crashes upon the shore could easily tamper with the composition, and he fully surrenders to this risk. The unpredictable and ephemeral, combined with these natural resources inspire Foreman to honor the enchanting characteristics of nature. Fortunately, most viewers experience the magnitude of his work through photography and short films.

The land artist focuses on “different” elements that come together to create micro landscapes. Finding new purpose in everything from leaves and tree roots to mud and rocks, his art is incredibly meditative. Foreman experiments with several artistic components such as scale, texture, materials, and location of installation. His creative vision knows no bounds.

To stay up to date with Foreman's art, you can follow him on his Instagram. You can also purchase prints of his artwork from his SmugMug shop.

Jon Foreman is a land artist who uses various natural materials to create stunning installations.

Land Art by Jon Foreman

Jon Foreman's installation titled Discio 2024, includes an arrangement of stones ini a circular pattern on a sandy beach. Jon Foreman is included in this image, as he gazes over his work.

Foreman utilizes stones, shells, and other natural elements of various shapes, sizes, and textures that highlight the varying art materials that can be found in nature.

Tabulae Colos, 2024 is a composition of various rocks that are made up of concentric squares. Jon Foreman is also featured in this photograph, showing his influence on the natural world around him.

Land Art by Jon Foreman

Often created near bodies of water, his works are at the mercy of the unpredictable behaviors of Mother Nature.

Land Art by Jon Foreman

Stella Spiralis, 2023 by Jon Foreman. Created at Kilmurrin Cove, Ireland for the Talamh Festival.

Land Art by Jon Foreman

Foreman’s micro landscapes create visual narratives that comment on the relationship between humans and nature.

Erythrean Sun, 2024 is another one of Jon Foreman's compositions that highlights the beauty of nature. Arranged in a sunburst formation, these natural materials seem to come to life.

Circumactus, 2023 was created at Lindsway Bay by Jon Foreman. This minimalistic approach allows more of the sandy texture to become a focal point of the temporary installation.

Aqua Exemplaria, 2024 by Jon Foreman is a composition of rocks that mimics the shoreline. This image, shot from a bird's-eye view, features rocks in swirling patterns that extend from the water out towards the sand.

The simple geometric forms come together to create meditative compositions that transport you to the most serene state of mind.

Land Art by Jon Foreman

Land Art by Jon Foreman

Land Art by Jon Foreman

There is even a short film that briefly addresses many of his works over the past year.

Check out an interview he did with CBS Sunday Morning to learn more.

Jon Foreman:  Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Jon Foreman.

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