Artist Turns Found Stones and Shells Into Beautiful Beach Installations

Beach Art by Jon Foreman

There is arguably nothing more peaceful than taking a relaxed walk along the beach. Between the feeling of sand beneath your feet and the sound of the waves gently crashing, it is no surprise that artist Jon Foreman relishes in the meditative quality of his surroundings. He takes the tranquility of the sandy setting one step further through his art by creating mesmerizing beach installations made of stones, shells, and driftwood that he finds on-site.

Every piece that Foreman creates pays homage to its natural environment in some way. Sometimes, his displays are arranged to mirror their surroundings, such as shells and waves. Other designs resemble spell-binding spirals or celestial bodies such as the sun and moon. Regardless of the artwork's form, every piece that Foreman creates utilizes natural materials from around the beach. Through his work, he enhances the natural beauty of the natural environment rather than distracting from it. The size of his artwork can vary widely, from only a few feet across to so large that it takes up nearly an entire beachfront.

When Foreman shows up at his destination of choice, the Welsh artist often doesn't know what he will create. Instead, he allows himself to be inspired by the beauty of nature. Despite the inevitability that his work with be destroyed or washed away, either by the waves or human activity, this doesn't stop Foreman from creating. This knowledge also makes his work especially precious since it won't be around forever.

If you want to keep up with Foreman's art, you can follow him on his Instagram. You can also purchase prints of his artwork from his SmugMug shop.

Jon Foreman's beach installations are equal parts impressive and mesmerizing.

Beach Art by Jon Foreman

Beach Art by Jon Foreman

Beach Art by Jon Foreman

Colorful stones art on a beach by Jon Foreman

The Welsh artist uses natural materials, including multicolored rocks, driftwood, and shells, to create stunning designs on the sand.

Crown-shaped stone art on a beach by Jon Foreman

Beach Art by Jon Foreman

Arrangement Of Stones Into Half Moon Shape On Beach

Shells Arranged In Spiral Pattern On Beach

Beach Art by Jon Foreman

Some of his work is modeled after common sights on the beach, such as waves or shells. Other designs include spirals or circles.

Jon Foreman Kneels Next To Square Spiral Multi-colored Rock Design On Beach

Multicolored Rock Spiral Design On Beach

Jon Foreman Kneels Next To Spiral Made Of Rocks On Beach

Beach Art by Jon Foreman

Foreman often approaches his art with a bit of spontaneity. When he arrives at a beach, he allows himself to be inspired by his natural surroundings.

Jon Foreman Sits By An Arranged Spiral of Rocks On Beach

Beach Art by Jon Foreman

Arrangement Of Stones And Driftwood On Beach

In addition to creating three-dimensional works, Foreman also creates large-scale sand drawings.

Beach sand drawing of a giant flower by Jon Foreman

Jon Foreman And Friend Standing Next To Large Sun Design On Beach

Giant mandala beach drawing by Jon Foreman

Beach Art by Jon Foreman

The skilled artist doesn't only work on beaches either. He ventures out to other parts of nature to make visually appealing land art.

Land Art by Jon Foreman

Jon Foreman: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Jon Foreman.

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