Project Offers a Glimpse Inside the Bags of 100 Creative People

Victoria Ling, Photographer @ Victoria Ling

Glimpsing into a person's bag can be a very personal experience. The items that a person chooses to carry on a daily basis can offer great insight into their general character. Creative director and designer Daniel Eckler developed this series, entitled Essentials, as a way to explore the contents of the bags of 100 global creatives.

He reached out to designers, art directors, editors, bloggers, photographers, and artists. The items in each composition are laid out in purposeful arrangements and offer a voyeuristic glimpse at the things on which many creatives rely. The project was developed alongside the Kickstarter campaign for a sustainable backpack design developed by MIJLO.

Typical belongings like sunglasses and sets of keys sit alongside less common things like a tape measure and a pineapple. The simple presentation of objects practically demands viewers to create a narrative about the owner.

Joe Perez, Art Director @ Joe Perez

Susana Simonpietri, Creative Director @ Chango & Co.

Markus Uran, Founder @ Metsa

Fabrizio Querida, Designer @ Querida

Leta Sobierajski, Designer @ Leta Sobierajski

Jiani Lu, Designer @ Jiani Lu

Bryony Gomez Palacio, Co-Founder @ Under Consideration

Nicco, Founder @ A Summer Shop

Jesse Girard, Owner @ Parts and Labour

Kerry O'Coy, Co-Founder @ Fused Magazine

Ellen Van Der Laan, Creative Director @ Baggu

Thibault Zimmermann, Art Director @ Zim & Zou

Anja Verdugo, Photographer @ Anja Verdugo

Amy Woodside, Artist @ Amy Woodside

Yah-Leng Yu, Founder @ Foreign Policy Design

Adriana De Barros, Founder @ Illusion, Scene 360

Justin Broadbent, Artist @ Justin Broadbent

Katie Hagar, Editor @ Better Living Through Design

Levi Van Veluw, Artist @ Levi Van Veluw

Christine, Blogger @ Fish N Chips

Daniel Brokstad, Designer @ Daniel Brokstad

Daniel Eckler's website
Essentials project website
via [DesignTAXI]

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