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Cats Fluffed Up Through Smudged Ink and Watercolor Paintings

Endre Penovc captures the aloofness, mystique and charm of fluffy cats in his black-and-white, watercolor and ink paintings. The artist, based in Topola, Serbia, uses this medium to create feathery fur, gleaming eyes and a sense of depth against off-white backgrounds.

Based on the personality Penovc imbues his canvases with, it's apparent that he is intimately acquainted with the quirky habits of lovable felines. His cats are usually depicted turning away from the viewer, tail held high in feigned superiority. With the smudged quality of the watercolor and ink combination, it feels as if we're looking out a wet windowpane on a rainy day as the cats turn a cold shoulder on the inclement weather that's dampening their fur.

Endre Penovc's website
via [This is Colossal, Miss Moss]

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