Striking Self-Portraits Use Flowers and Butterflies to Explore Self-Growth and Mental Health

Fares photography 'The power of becoming'

“The power of becoming”

When observing photographer Fares Micue’s work, it’s easy to become enraptured by the organic yet otherworldly aspects infused in each piece. For the self-taught conceptual photographer based in Spain, photography was a modest hobby; but it soon grew into a passion-fueled display of vibrant and gentle reality-bending works of art. Micue uses her body—as well as different botanical objects—as an external canvas to represent her picturesque internal landscape of emotions.

“It always starts with an idea in my head and the feeling I want to portray,” Micue explains. “Most times I create a sketch of the image I want to create together with as many details as I can get like colors, mood, location, clothing, props, etc…as well as a short story about the image.”

Micue's work is rooted in positivity, empowerment, and self-kindness, but it doesn’t shy away from the importance of raw and real themes such as isolation and insecurity. “I am a firm believer that how we think and feel about life is how we will perceive reality,” Micue explains. “We must train our brain to always search for the bright side and find hope among the desolation.”

Fares photography 'Memories of a rainy day'

“Memories of a rainy day”

Another prevalent theme in Micue’s works is the concept of growth—the growth of self and overcoming obstacles. Her work comprises of simplistic backgrounds, saturated colors, and numerous objects to heighten her aesthetic. Some shots feature Micue engulfed in blossoms or feathers or origami. The objects depict a form of overgrowth, emerging symbolically from her mind or body. Micue's face remains hidden in most of her pieces, but the positioning of her body communicates a story and mood that feels both mythical and viscerally real at the same time. And her usage of flowers, light, and shadows in this airy fashion is a form of visual poetry—she also pairs this with written poetry in the description of her works on her Instagram.

Other self-portraits depict the photographer entwined or entering a thicket. The images evoke emotions that beckon onlookers to follow her on an internal journey. It’s an effort to further highlight a need to examine and prioritize one’s mental health. She hopes her work demonstrates the power of reflection and self-worth by using these storytelling details.

Micue’s work remains permeated with a sort of mature whimsy that invites onlookers to confront themselves and embrace growth in all its metaphorical forms. “My work is full of symbolism,” the photographer confirms, “every element in my compositions has a purpose, from the colors to the props to the body language, and the combination of all these elements creates the final conceptual image. I want my work to be viewed as a whole story condensed in one frame.”

Photographer Fares Micue creates mesmerizing self-portraits that feature vibrant colors and are full of symbolism.

Self-Portrait by Fares Micue

Defensive II

Micue uses items such as feathers, balloons, and origami to depict her emotional states.

Self-Portrait by Fares Micue

“Fly me away”

Fares Micue is a self-taught photographer that is committed to works that encourage positivity and self-care.

Self-Portrait by Fares Micue

“Positive nostalgia”

Powerful Self-Portrait by Fares Micue


Self-Portrait by Fares Micue

“Beautiful shell”

Fares photography 'Imaginary prison'

“Imaginary prison”

Fares photography 'Open to love'

“Open to love”

Fares photography 'Inside you'

“Inside you”

Fares photography 'If you bring me the moon'

“If you bring me the moon”

Self-Portrait by Fares Micue

“Dreams are made of gold”

Self-Portrait by Fares Micue

“Hope is in the air”

Self-Portrait by Fares Micue

“Beauty in the dark”

Fares photography a lesson about self love

“A lesson about self-love”

Self-Portrait by Fares Micue

Defensive III

Self-Portrait by Fares Micue

“Hide and seek”

Fares Micue: Instagram | Saatchi

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Fares Micue.

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