Portrait Photography

September 21, 2021

Lebanese American Photographer Captures the Universal Experience of Womanhood [Interview]

Lebanese American photographer Rania Matar is known for her intimate portraits of women. Specifically, she spends time focusing on young women in the United States and her native country, Lebanon, and creates new narratives that show their strength, beauty, and independence. With her new book titled She, published by Radius Books, Matar follows women in their 20s, showing them as they grow into adulthood and make the world their own.

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August 10, 2021

Never-Before-Seen Photos of David Bowie Appear in New Book

There are some creative relationships that stand the test of time. And certainly, the bond between Japanese photographer Masayoshi Sukita and rock star David Bowie was one that has endured. Their collaboration, which spanned over 40 years, produced incredible photographs that document Bowie's entire career. Now, these photos—some previously unseen—have been published in Sukita: Eternity. The duo met when Bowie was in his Ziggy Stardust phase.

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