Portrait Photography

May 17, 2022

Bold Portraits Celebrate the Rich Cultural History of Kenya Through Hypnotic Patterns

Photographer Thandiwe Muriu highlights the rich cultural history of her Kenyan heritage through stylish, maximalist portraits. The images feature models wearing garments resembling the traditional textiles of various African countries and cultures, and they stand in front of backdrops to match. Together, it has a camouflage-like effect; but the brilliant beauty of the patterns and colors is nothing to try and hide.

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May 1, 2022

Striking Photos Look Like Curious Snapshots of Surreal Dreamscapes

Suspended somewhere between reality and a dream, Oleg Oprisco‘s photographs are instantly mesmerizing. The Ukrainian artist uses enigmatic figures, scenic destinations, and a variety of eye-catching props to curate surreal settings that envelop viewers with a sense of wonder. His goal is to create images that capture the ambiguous, mutable visuals often evoked while reading a book. “Endless inspiration surrounds us everywhere,” Oprisco tells My Modern Met.

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April 14, 2022

Portraits of Traditional Ukrainian Outfits Highlight the Country’s Rich Cultural Heritage

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine has gone from days to weeks, sites of cultural significance have been leveled by attacks. The cultural heritage of Ukraine is under siege, and photographer Anna Senik is one creative who is showing what’s at risk of destruction. Her portraits, which she describes as “ethno-photography,” feature people wearing traditional garments that showcase Ukraine’s visual heritage, from headwear to jewelry to patterned dresses.

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March 23, 2022

Photographer Shows How Chickens, Hens, and Roosters Make the Perfect Models

Fine art photographer Alex ten Napel is known for his beautiful portraits—and he doesn't just limit these portraits to humans. With his Chickens, Hens and Roosters series, ten Napel proves that our feathered friends can also make excellent models. Shot against solid-colored backgrounds (typically black or white), the portraits show the elegance and beauty of these animals in rich detail.

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