Portrait Photography

September 18, 2020

Striking Self-Portraits Use Flowers and Butterflies to Explore Self-Growth and Mental Health

When observing photographer Fares Micue’s work, it’s easy to become enraptured by the organic yet otherworldly aspects infused in each piece. For the self-taught conceptual photographer based in Spain, photography was a modest hobby; but it soon grew into a passion-fueled display of vibrant and gentle reality-bending works of art. Micue uses her body—as well as different botanical objects—as an external canvas to represent her picturesque internal landscape of emotions.

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May 24, 2020

‘Friends’ Newborn Photoshoot Is Packed With Props From the Iconic Sitcom

The iconic sitcom Friends premiered nearly three decades ago, but its cultural influence remains undeniable even today. Photographer Mandy Penn is getting a whole new generation introduced to the beloved show with an adorable newborn photoshoot. The creative, who is “obsessed with Friends” crafted a themed set and dressed six babies as the cast members and special characters.

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