Portrait Photography

January 13, 2021

Photographer Humorously Chronicles Living in Quarantine With His Mom and Ex-Wife

The pandemic has brought together people who, not wanting to be alone, have chosen to unite in quarantine. Those who haven't lived with each other in decades have suddenly been thrust into this type of always-together housing situation. Photographer Neil Kramer is one person experiencing the phenomenon in the comfort of his compact two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in Queens, New York.

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December 15, 2020

Every Year These Friends Take a Themed “No-Shave November” Group Photo

Every November, millions of people participate in No-Shave November—a month-long commitment to forgo shaving and grooming to raise cancer awareness. For men, this typically means letting their facial hair grow long—whether it involves starting a beard or refraining from trimming their already-long whiskers. One group of guy friends have made this time of year a tradition and used it as an excuse to dress up in costumes and take a creative group photo.

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November 27, 2020

Powerful Portraits of Native Americans Highlight Their Spirit and Cultural Identity [Interview]

Photographer Craig Varjabedian is known for his stunning portrait series celebrating the lives and cultures of Native Americans. The Native Light Photo Collaboration project sees Varjabedian working with Indigenous people around New Mexico to create photographs that highlight their spirit. By working together, photographer and model have equal control and, therefore, the images avoid the exploitation that can sometimes occur in this genre of photography.

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September 30, 2020

Adorable Piglet Has Her Own Newborn Photoshoot Just Like a Baby Human

Newborn photoshoots are often reserved for humans, but photographer Cashlie White shows that baby animals rival them in cuteness. She recently shared a series featuring an adorable piglet named Dynamite who is outfitted with all the things you'd typically see in newborn portraits—soft blankets, stuffed animals, and tiny headbands. The only difference? Dynamite has a shiny pink snout. Coupled with her sleepy smile, you can’t help but say “aww” to each of these sweet photos.

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