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Fine Art of Food

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If art nourishes the soul, what does food art satiate? It's an interesting question to ponder as we take a look at some of the most creative food art we've ever seen. What these talented artists have done is make us believe that even fine art can be created by changing the way we see everyday items. Here are six artists and photographers who see the world through a different, albeit unique, set of eyes.

Fantastic Food Photo Manipulations by Jean Francois De Witte

What exactly are you looking at? Is that an eggplant or a glass of wine? A salmon fillet or an airplane? An artichoke or a fish? Let Belgium-based photographer Jean Francois De Witte challenge your senses with his truly innovative photo manipulations. Created mostly for ad campaigns, these fantastic photos can stand alone as true works of art.

Body as Food by Bill Durgin

Can the human body bear a striking resemblance to fruits and vegetables? That was the question New York-based photographer Bill Durgin hoped to answer with a conceptual series he calls Figures & Wares. Watch as bodies contort and get draped with food in this truly intriguing set of images.

Bill Durgin received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tufts University and his Masters in Fine Arts from California College of Art in San Francisco. His work has appeared in galleries throughout the country including, most recently, the 2008 SMFA Traveling Scholars exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and a solo show at Merge Gallery in New York.

Whimsical Food Fashion by Ted Sabarese

Working with the creative designs by Ami Goodheart of SOTU Productions, photographer Ted Sabarese shot this beautiful personal project he calls Hunger Pains. Fascinated with the relationship between people and what they eat, he decided to ask models to wear clothes made entirely out of real food. Each outfit is meant to depict a meal a person craves. It took 15 people to complete the whole series and one dress, the artichoke one, above, took 6 hours to create!

Tiny People World of Food by Christopher Boffoli

Step into the charming world created by Christopher Boffoli and you may just want to inspect what you eat! Boffoli places tiny model figures on food, creating magical make-believe stories, miniature-style. This collection, called Disparity, has been a viral sensation online and his work is now being shown in fine art galleries all around the world.

Hyperrealistic Food Paintings by Tjalf Sparnaay

If your stomach hasn't started growling yet, it will be after taking one look at these hyperrealisic paintings by Tjalf Sparnaay. Yes, even we were fooled by these incredibly realistic works of art. The London-based artist is known for his near perfect oil paintings of everything from sandwiches and Coke cans to fries and desserts. Sparnaay has been painting since 1987 and he's constantly seeking to create images that have never been painted before.

Incredible Food Landscapes by Carl Warner

To really appreciate the art of Carl Warner, you're going to have to come closer to your computer screen. Only then will you notice that Warner has a talent for creating incredible intricate landscapes made entirely out of food! From strawberry hot air balloons and garlic cottages to vast seas made of anchovies and cabbage, you just won't believe your eyes. It's only been within the past decade that Warner decided to develop a body of work made out of food and since then he's been commissioned by the top ad agencies around the world to create his unique works of art.

Which of these did you enjoy the most?

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