Google’s Ambitious Balloon-Powered Internet Project


Google recently released information about a monumental project they've been working that could bring internet access to everyone. Project Loon involves specially designed balloons, flying 20 km above the Earth's surface (out of eyes-sight), that can be arranged to form one large communication network. You can read more about loon on the Project Loon website where Google explains what, how and where loon is going.

“It's a huge moonshot. A really big goal to go after,” said project leader Mike Cassidy. “The power of the Internet is probably one of the most transformative technologies of our time.”

On June 13, Google tested their experiment in Christchurch, New Zealand, a symbolic site. Back in 2011, an earthquake killed 185 people and left residents without internet access. Google believes balloon access will help people suffering from natural disasters connect with one another more quickly. If successful, the project could, by the end of the decade, also bring news, educational materials and important, life-saving health information to virtually everyone.









Project Loon: Website

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