Father Hilariously Shares the Reasons Why His Son is Crying

“I wouldn't let him drink bath water.”

Greg Pembroke, a 32-year-old father of two boys under the age of 4, has seen his share of temper tantrums and decided to share his fatherhood experiences through a single topic blog called Reasons My Son is Crying. What began as simply posting pictures on Facebook for family and friends has turned into an internet sensation through Tumblr. The blog, which most parents could relate to, primarily features images of Pembroke's 21-month-old son Charlie throwing a tantrum, though 3 1/2-year-old big brother William also makes appearances with his crying fits.

The two boys can be seen sobbing over anything from simply witnessing a block of cheese being split in two to, ironically, demanding to see a picture of themselves crying. Each image is also accompanied by a hilarious caption by Pembroke that playfully emphasizes the unpredictable nature of his sons' meltdowns. Even when the doting dad is trying to protect Charlie by providing a pillow to cushion the tiny tot's head, the toddler reacts by bawling. Sometimes, though, even Pembroke admits “I have no idea why my son is crying.”

“We suggested that he play with a train.”

“He threw his dinner plate on the ground. He now wants to eat dinner.”

“We asked him to stop hitting his brother with a plastic wand.”

“We put this pillow behind his head so he didn't hurt himself on the window frame.”

“We helped him put on the boots he loves to wear.”

“I turned the volume of The Hokey Pokey down… from ‘ear-splittingly loud' to only ‘mind-numbingly loud'.”

“I broke this cheese in half.”

“The milk was in the wrong cup.”

“It took me longer than 0 seconds to take his shirt off.”

“I wouldn't let him drown in this pond.”

“We wouldn't let him open the hotel door and run naked through Times Square.”

“I didn't show him pictures on my phone quickly enough – and yes, they were pictures of him crying.”

“I have no idea why my son is crying.”

Reasons My Son is Crying blog
via [reddit]


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