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Simple Paper Folds Create Fantastic Illusions of Drawings Brought to Life

By simply folding, wrinkling, or curling a sheet of paper, Copenhagen-based illustrator HuskMitNavn is able to create delightfully amusing scenes. His bold, black and white drawings depict a cartoonish set of characters that are brought to life through strategically-positioned paper edges coupled with brilliantly maneuvered perspectives. He produces the fantastic illusion that these two-dimensional illustrations have suddenly sprung to life.

To accomplish some of his most energetic optical illusions, HuskMitNavn often elongates figures to appear as if they’re made of putty. A soccer player gracefully curls into a swift bicycle kick, and a man rowing a boat bends forward, extra far, to put serious power behind his oars. The bended and folded paper is also a clever way for HuskMitNavn to tell a more dynamic story. It acts as physical obstacle, playing the role of a tornado or giant whale, that the flattened characters must now overcome.

For more of these fun illustrations, follow HuskMitNavn on his popular Instagram.

HuskMitNavn website
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via [Doodlers Anonymous]

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