Impressive Wooden Sculptures

If you head to the Power of Making exhibit inside the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England, you'll get a chance to see some exquisitely crafted objects including Michael T. Rea's Prosthetic Suit for Stephen Hawking. (The exhibition is going on now till January 2, 2012.)

Chicago sculptor Rea creates big, intricate wooden sculptures from memory. Often inspired by huge blockbuster films like Star Wars, Ghostbusters or Indiana Jones, Rea told this to Chicago Art Review: “In my work today I enjoy the way I can use an index of films as a way to build footnotes into my work, using multi-dimensional characters, plots, and histories that live outside of the work, and which the audience must bring with them to understand it.”

Rea uses unfinished wood and other materials that have a temporal feeling. “I find the beauty in life lies in between moments,” he says. “My work offers a sense of what could be and what could never be simultaneously.”

Mission Control: “Who Knew Starman Would Answer Back,” 2005. Wood, burlap, rope.

Space Capsule: “Put a monkey in space if Remo Williams can't do it,” 2005. Wood, burlap, rope.

Instruments: “Wood Load in” 2004. Wood, burlap, rope

Jet Ski: “Fat Man and Little Boy subtitled Hot and Sexy,” 2006. Wood, burlap, rope, pink-foam.

Time Machine: “Brown Thunder” 2006. Wood, burlap, rope, pink-foam, casters.

Space Suit: “In to the wild blue yonder,” 2005. Wood, burlap, pink-foam, audio.

Tsavo Manhunters

Gun: “Lysistrata” 2005. Wood, burlap, rope, pink-foam.

Michael T. Rea's website
via [PSFK]

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