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Water Droplets Undergo a Colorful Metamorphosis in Macro Photographs

Photographer Ivelina Blagoeva is able to see the artistic potential that’s hidden within ordinary water droplets. Before Blagoeva’s macro lens, dots of water undergo a phenomenal metamorphosis – one that heightens viewers’ senses and allows us to zoom in on these aqueous manifestations. While simple water droplets may seem quite typical, the photographer transforms them with the backdrops that she chooses. Branches, flowers, webs, and even insects help to emphasize the shape and coloration of the droplets that remain after a fruitful rainstorm.

While Blagoeva’s photographs are visually phenomenal, they also send an important message about the beauty of the world around us. Her images showcase the significance of appreciating the little things. Next time you wake up to a lawn full of dew, take a moment to bend down and observe what you see. After all, Blagoeva has proven that even the simplest creations can possess a considerable amount of natural beauty.

Ivelina Blagoeva: Facebook | 500px | Fotoblur

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