Street Artist Transforms Walls Into Portals to Another Universe With 3D Graffiti

Illusion Street Art by iZZY iZVNE

By incorporating her love for the cosmos into her murals, street artist Izzy Izvne has created a unique style that is truly her own. The Moldovan artist combines calligraphy with well-executed illusions to make it appear that her walls are sucking us into another universe. It's as though portals are opening up to a new dimension and she is asking us to come along for the ride.

Izvne pushes herself to make new universes every time she paints a wall. In doing so, she asks viewers to imagine what is possible beyond the grey cement of urban architecture. Staring into the deep, painted tunnels, it's impossible not to wonder what magic sits on the other side. And in pondering these illusions, Izvne hopes that people become curious about real-life mysteries.

“My style is about the opening of undiscovered things,” Izvne tells My Modern Met. “Who can imagine how deep and colorful reality inside the wall can be? How deep and colorful the cosmos above us can be? How deep and colorful the world inside every anonymous person whom we meet in the streets, in the metro, in a shop can be? We lose so many moments of life around us just because we are too busy every day to stop ourselves and open our eyes and soul.”

By filling the world with her powerful illusion art, Izvne is spreading a bit of magic across the urban environment. Each wall is instilled with her energy, as she gives all of herself to every project and, in turn, hopes that this translates to the public.

Moldovian street artist Izzy Izvne creates incredible street art illusions that mix calligraphy and geometric shapes.

Izzy Izvne Illusion Street Art

3D Illusion Street Art by Izzy Izvne

Moldovian Street Art

Illusion Art by Izzy Izvne

Her 3D art includes tunnels that appear to bore through cement city walls.

Female Street Artist

Izzy Izvne Illusion Street Art

Illusion Art by Izzy Izvne

She hopes that her work encourages people to become more curious in their daily lives.

Illusion Art by Izzy Izvne

Izzy Izvne Illusion Street Art

Female Street Artist Izzy Izvne

Izzy Izvne Illusion Street Art

Izzy Izvne Illusion Street Art

Izzy Izvne: Instagram | Facebook | Behance

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Izzy Izvne.

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