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Layered Floating Paintings Inspired by CT Scans

Dutch artist Joris Kuipers was trained as a traditional painter but he has since reached beyond the limitations of the flat canvas. This piece, entitled Escaping Expressionism, incorporates vibrant swirls of shape and color in a non-traditional and quite expressive three-dimensional sculpture.

The artist's work is consistently inspired by science and anatomy, particularly CT-scans, MRI-scans, and autopsy imagery, and many of the shapes and colors are an abstract interpretation of human blood and tissue. To develop the project, he builds layer upon layer to recreate the human body in a fragmented form and he says, “After this fragmentation, the body is rearranged in a non-rational manner, in order to reveal emotional significance.”

Kuipers experimented with malleable materials including papier-mch, clay or porcelain to mold and shape the compositions. The energetic forms were then purposefully arranged and suspended from the ceiling to give the illusion of disorder. His bio explains: “Colors and planes seem to whirl and turn into a dazzling display…they refuse to allow the spectator's eye to comfortably rest anywhere. Often one doesn't know where to look, where to concentrate, exactly where and when things may get into focus.”

Joris Kuipers' website
via [Colossal]

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