Wholesome Video of Commuters Having a Fun Knitting Party on the Subway

Video of a knitting part on the subway

Photo: pasiphae/123RF (Not a photo of the actual event.)

One stitch at a time, a passenger sitting on a train transformed an average commute into a knitting frenzy. A fun video, shot from the perspective of the crafter, sparked an exciting series of interactions. It was then posted to Reddit, where people commented on the feel-good spirit of the event.

Initially, the camera shows a row of people sitting on a subway. These passengers appear to be enjoying their journey. Some look down at their phones, others keep to themselves and bask in their environment. What seems like a banal beginning turns into moments marked by the exchange of smiles and colorful yarn.

Nearly ten seconds into the clip, a passenger boards with a woven basket that seems to be filled with skeins of yarn. With a friendly nod across the aisle to the passenger recording their voyage, the knitting party officially begins. Not far behind, a gentleman sits down beside another knitter, and they shake hands.

Soon, this trio grows into a group of seven knitters creating together. Passengers come and go, shuffling along in and out of their seats. Oftentimes, before moving on, passengers stop to admire and inquire about what the group is doing. A small moment such as this certainly weaves positivity into the fabric of the day.

While it's unclear whether this knitting party was spontaneous or planned, it's sure to brighten your day.

Fellow knitters will find one another in the most unexpected places—even on a train.

A tight knit community
byu/Majoodeh inMadeMeSmile

While there was speculation about whether the knitting frenzy was spontaneous or planned, everyone agreed that it was heartwarming.


byu/Majoodeh from discussion

byu/Majoodeh from discussion

byu/Majoodeh from discussion

h/t: [Reddit]

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