Stunning Infrared Photos Celebrate Latvia’s Natural Environment

Kemeri National Park in Latvia

French photographer Pierre-Louis Ferrer has established a niche for himself in infrared and ultraviolet photography. So it was only natural that he bring along his modified mirrorless camera during a trip to Latvia. This allowed him to enjoy the scenery of the Eastern European country and document it in a unique way. The resulting images are an intriguing look at Latvia and, in particular, its national parks.

Having never previously visited Latvia, Ferrer was struck by the sheer amount of nature that abounds once one leaves the city. The natural environment was particularly inspiring for Ferrer. “Latvia has beautiful forests where you can hike freely, enjoying observation towers to see amazing panoramas,” he shares with My Modern Met.

His images play out this love affair with nature, as the portfolio avoids images of urban centers. As is typical with infrared photos, lush greens are transformed into red/pink hues and blue skies take on an icier color. Ferrer was particularly impressed with the Kemeri National Park, which has bogs surrounded by incredible biodiversity. This contrast of water and plant life makes for particularly appealing infrared imagery.

The French photographer is also intrigued by how the environment can overtake man-made buildings. In Latvia, he explored an abandoned paper factory surrounded by pines. These trees have also found their way into the architecture, peeking through windows and shooting up through the roofless structure. Through his work, he hopes that others will also see the power of nature. He explains, “Nature is far stronger and smarter than we could think, adapting itself to our impact.”

The true beauty and power of Latvia's environment shine through in panoramic views of the forest. Taken from observation towers that are open to hikers, the photographs are a beautiful look at the environment. As a slight mist lifts off the trees, the only hint of humans are the walking trails cutting through the forest.

For Ferrer, the trip was a welcome change. It was his first trip post-lockdown, making it a true breath of fresh air.

Pierre-Louis Ferrer used infrared photography to document his trip to Latvia.

Infrared Photo of Kemeri National Park in Latvia

Infrared Photo of Kemeri National Park in Latvia

Infrared Photo of Kemeri National Park in Latvia

He was particularly struck by the wealth of natural spaces in the small country.

Abandoned Paper Factory in Sigulda, Latvia

Abandoned Paper Factory in Sigulda, Latvia

Infrared Photo of Caves in Sigulda

Using a modified camera, his images transform the world into the colors of cotton candy.

Infrared Photos of Latvia by Pierre-Louis Ferrer

Infrared Photos of Latvia by Pierre-Louis Ferrer

From observation towers, he was able to take sweeping panoramas of the pine forest.

Pine Forest in Latvia Under Infrared Light

Pine Forest in Latvia Under Infrared Light

Forest in Latvia in Infrared

Pierre-Louis Ferrer: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Pierre-Louis Ferrer.

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