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Living Art @ Cosmopolitan Las Vegas (9 pics + video)

On my recent stay at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas, I was taken aback by an incredibly cool experience in their lobby. Created by Digital Kitchen, the living art is made up of 8 columns, which have 12 individual screens on each side. Using a combination of photography, film, and 3D and 2D animation, Digital Kitchen presents several stories that are as beautiful as they are intriguing.

What I loved most, aside from the constantly changing eye candy, was that Cosmo shows us how architecture, contemporary art, and cutting-edge digital technology can all work together to create something unexpected and unique. What a great way to transport your guests into another world right from the very start.

See how it all comes together in the video below.

Silhouette Seduction
This piece teases the guest with the illusion of space and beauty. The human and animal forms roam the columns and eventually melt away into the architecture, leaving plenty left to the imagination.

Fluid Movement
This piece represents the twists and unexpected turns a guest may encounter during a stay at the Cosmopolitan. The black ferro fluid surrounds the compass in a mischievous beauty that only The Cosmopolitan can provide.

This evolving wallpaper blurs the line between interior design, graphic arts and animation. A bold and striking pattern of intersecting lines represents the many pathways a guest's journey can take at The Cosmopolitan.

This concept combines a classic turn of the century artifact with a modern aesthetic. Slowly swaying Edison bulbs illuminate the space with the warm glow of yesteryear, attracting travelers and inspiring new perspectives.

The Cosmopolitan experience leaves every guest with a story worth telling. The glowing bookshelf represents the master collection of every unique and engaging Cosmopolitan experience.

A new notion of luxury…a new type of guest…and new species of plant-life. These never-before-seen specimens have been cataloged, classified and put on display for each guest to discover.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas' website
Digital Kitchen's website

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