A Photographer’s Playful Approach to Climate Change

Switzerland-based photographer Loan Nguyen takes on the creatively surreal task of creating weather for her series titled Mto et phnomnes naturels, translated as Weather and other natural phenomena. The photographer steps in front of the camera herself, presenting her subdued and delicate form as a catalyst for climate change. Dressed in black, like a stagehand placing props on a theatrical stage and effectively changing a constructed set, Nyugen's muted figure is a valuable presence to the whimsical series with a powerful message.

Nguyen's photo project takes a playful approach to address and artistically counteract the myriad of reports concerning the environment. She says, “It is becoming increasingly difficult not to be bothered by the problems with our environment. Every day the media reports a new fact: the sea ice and glaciers melt, deserts advance, the water runs out, and everyday, we can not help but wonder if the world will survive this crisis, if we can reverse the damage. We live constantly with the fear that the world disappears because we have not been able to take care of it… This is my own fear related to these problems that led me to start this new project: my frustration with these global difficulties made me want to become, for a picture, a sort of little god capable of influencing the world around me.”

Above: Neige / Snow

Mare haute / High tide

Grle / Hail

Vent / Wind

Soleil / Sun

Loan Nguyen website
via [2photo]

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