Madsen Cycles – Shuttle Around Your Sweeties

Have you ever felt like your bike should do more than take you around town? What if it had a giant 40 gallon bucket that could hold your precious cargo? Well, then you'd have a Madsen bike, a Euro-inspired cargo bike that can shuttle your surfboard, your groceries or your kids around! Hold up. Your kids!? I'd be worried about the safety of these things but the bucket does come equipped with a removable seat and two seatbelts. Would love to get my hands on one to try it out. Nevertheless, a great idea for parents and those who want to make a quick trip to the market! Oh yes and here's Madsen's story: “After hauling six neighbor kids around in a wheel barrow bucket bolted to the front of our first prototype, we started to realize what a bicycle can really do. But the bucket on the front, like the box of the European design, creates an awkward center of gravity. So we stretched the chassis and put the bucket on the back. With the natural feel and balance of the rear bucket, you can ride with confidence knowing your load is secure and your cargo is protected.”

A useful bike with a nice design. Sweet! MADSEN Cargo Bikes {Via Swiss Miss}

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