This Man Stood Outside the Tokyo Olympic Village Every Day Holding Motivational Posters

Man Holds Daily Motivational Posters for Athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

Photo: Youka Nagase via Facebook

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics have been a truly unique experience—for both the athletes competing and their supporters watching around the world. For the first time, there was no audience cheering in the stands. And, for the first time, many athletes had the courage to prioritize and speak out about their mental health. With the endless pressure to perform and the whole world watching, it is no wonder that many have come close to their breaking point. Not to mention that even after years of hard work and preparation—with only three medals up for grabs in each event—very few Olympic athletes get to take home the coveted prize and symbol of their achievement.

One man wanted to remind those hardworking athletes that even if they didn’t get the gold, silver, or bronze, they’re still pretty remarkable. The anonymous cheerleader stood outside the Tokyo Olympic Village every morning, most days coming as early as 7:15 a.m. to greet the Olympic athletes as their buses passed by. Though he initially began holding up welcome signs the day before the opening ceremony, he later changed them out for a sign with inspiring words of encouragement. “Good morning athletes!” it read. “Even if you don’t get a medal, you’re still the best!! So believe in yourself!”

The man was inspired to make that change when he noticed people’s obsession with medal counts, wanting to recognize that even without a medal it was still quite a feat to get there. After standing outside for two hours every morning from July 22 to August 8—the full duration of the Games—his motivational words truly made an impact. He has gone viral on social media due to the appreciative Olympic athletes who posted his picture and their reactions to his daily motivational greeting. And they weren’t the only ones who were touched by his kind actions.

Many people share the opinion that he was the real MVP of the Tokyo Summer Games, with one Twitter user remarking: “The world needs more of this. This kind of message, this kind of support, this kind of dedication, this kind of genuine kindness, this kind of human.”

Scroll down to see more heartwarming reactions.

This man stood outside the Tokyo Olympic Village every day and held a motivational poster with encouraging words for the athletes.

People quickly took notice of his motivational words and he went viral on social media.

People had the best responses to his words of encouragement!

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