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February 18, 2021

Texans Are Rescuing Cold-Shocked Sea Turtles Stranded on Beaches

Texans are currently facing a brutal cold front and widespread power grid outages. The cold vortex has proved dangerous for both humans and animals—including the sea turtles which reside in the tepid waters of the Gulf of Mexico. These gentle giants are cold blooded and, as a result, they were not able to regulate their body temperatures as the waters chilled this week.

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December 22, 2020

Inspiring Indian Educator Wins Global Teacher Prize and Shares $1M Prize Money With Fellow Finalists

Indian schoolteacher Ranjitsinh Disale was chosen from a pool of over 12,000 nominees hailing from all over the world to receive the 2020 Global Teacher Prize. Set to receive $1 million in prize money, the altruistic educator announced that he would share half his winnings with the nine other Top 10 finalists. In the six-year history of the Global Teacher Prize, he is the first winner to ever take such an action.

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