49 Photos of the Sun Arranged to Showcase Its Impressive Array of Warm Hues

Colors of the Sun by Marcella Pace

While some photographers find inspiration in the world around them, others like Marcella Pace look to the sky. The Italy-based primary school teacher channels her lifelong passion for astronomy into observant photographs of the Moon and Sun. Her previous series compiled 48 colorful Moons into one mesmerizing spiral-shaped collage. Likewise, her new project showcases 49 different photos of the Sun in a dazzling array of warm colors.

When imagining our solar system's Sun, many of us envision a static picture of a bright yellow orb. Pace's series, however, reveals just how much the star changes throughout multiple years of studies. Featured in this pleasing circular arrangement are images of the sun in bright white, crimson red, and everything in between.

Pace captured the Sun at different times of the day to reveal the breadth of colors that we so often take for granted, like a red sunset or yellow sunrise. Oftentimes, the clouds in front of the bright orb create a striking pattern that makes the Sun look striped from far away. While it's not be safe to look at the real Sun for very long, Pace's astrophotography series has made it easier to admire its changing beauty.

To look at each sun individually, you can head over to Pace's website.

Italian photographer and astronomy lover Marcella Pace takes incredible photos that capture the different colors of the Sun.

Photos of the Moon and Sun by Marcella Pace

Marcella Pace: Website 

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Marcella Pace.

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