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Thought-Provoking Upside Down Landscapes in Glass Orbs

UK-based German artist Mariele Neudecker creates spherical sculptures that place landscapes upside down in glass orbs. Each piece presents an intriguing spectacle that invites the viewer to interpret it any way they see fit. One could reflect their own inner struggles through the artist’s body of work or perhaps see a greater global and environmental issue being commented on.

Neudecker explains, “My work deals with ideas of perception and distortion of both: realities and fictions and tries to stay removed from clearly defined issues or narratives. Central to the work is the human interest and relationship to landscape. […] My process relies on reproductions in books, first and second hand experiences, metaphors and myths, and images: found or taken myself. […] I want the viewers to think about the past, future and present perspectives as being in constant states of flux.”

Mariele Neudecker website
via [evolutionists, Cell Project Space, Canadian Museum of Nature, Artnews]

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