Intricate Cutouts Capture the Delicate Durability of Nature With a Single Sheet of Paper

Paper Cut Out Art by Maude White

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We normally think of paper as a delicate material, but Maude White demonstrates its durability through her series of paper cutouts. The self-taught artist carves into single sheets of paper and creates numerous cuts and perforations until she achieves intricate portraits of plants and animals that are as dainty as they are awe-inspiring.

Currently based in the Hudson Valley of New York, White has been honing her craft for over a decade. Her portfolio ranges from large flora to depictions of animals big and small, including elephants and mice. “Although it may seem flimsy and easily damaged, paper ultimately holds such strength and, when used to create art, it can convey such meaning and beauty,” she tells My Modern Met. “I love cutting paper because a seemingly flat piece of paper can suddenly acquire dimension and depth when it is cut. The play of light through cut paper is also always a beautiful revelation and discovery.”

While her material is limited to paper and the tools she uses, White finds ways of conveying different textures through her cutting process. Amazingly, even when the paper is thinned to an extremely fine strand, it remains connected to the rest of the sheet. “I find my best inspiration in nature and the animal world,” she adds. “I love the delicate tracery of veins in flowers and leaves, the wrinkles in elephant skin, the texture of wove strands of hair or water. Magical!”

White published a book titled Brave Birds, which features 65 paper cutouts of different birds. Her exquisite art also decorates a deck of inspirational cards titled Resilience Alchemy, which is designed to help empower people's lives. Scroll down to see more of her work, and then be sure to follow White on Instagram to keep up to date with her latest projects.

Artist Maude White creates exquisite paper cutouts.

Paper Cut Out Art by Maude White

Each of these pieces is rendered with masterful precision.

Paper Cut Out Art by Maude White

White recreates the texture of flower petals, leaves, and animal fur using only a scalpel and paper.

Paper Cut Out Art by Maude White

Additionally, she manages to complete these works without breaking the paper.

Paper Cut Out Art by Maude WhitePaper Cut Out Art by Maude WhitePaper Cut Out Art by Maude WhitePaper Cut Out Art by Maude WhitePaper Cut Out Art by Maude White

Maude White: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Maude White.

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