Professional Photographer Uses McDonald’s Big Mac Box to Light Portraits

Philippe Echaroux Photography Hack

Street artist and photographer Philippe Echaroux is typically known for his extraordinary street installations and commercial portraiture, but it's a clever photography hack that is currently bringing him the spotlight. He typically uses high-end equipment in his photography, but when a friend challenged him to use budget lighting, he was game.

Using just his iPhone for shooting and post-production, the French artist created a clever way to get the look of luxury lighting—a flashlight, plastic straw, and Big Mac box. It may have started out as a funny joke, but the results will surprise you.

After whizzing through the McDonald's drive-through—and greasing up the box lid for extra reflection—Echaroux assembled his makeshift lighting box. Then, he went out and photographed strangers with the unusual setup. And though Echaroux sees the challenge as a fun joke separate from his more serious work, he's happy that it can bring a smile to people's faces and perhaps make them realize that they don't need expensive photography equipment to take artistic photos.

After accepting a challenge from his friend, photographer Philippe Echaroux created an unusual lighting rig from a plastic straw, a Big Mac box, and a flashlight.

Big Mac Challenge Photography Hack Philippe Echaroux

Take a look at how he assembled his clever photography hack.

Philippe Echaroux Photography Hack Philippe Echaroux Photography Hack

He then went out and shot portraits of strangers using just his iPhone and lighting rig.

Philippe Echaroux Photography Hack

After some post-processing on the phone, here are the stunning results.

Philippe Echaroux Photography Hack Philippe Echaroux Photography Hack Philippe Echaroux portrait photography Philippe Echaroux portrait photography Philippe Echaroux Photography Hack Philippe Echaroux Photography Hack

Check out this quick video for a detailed look at how he tackled this “Big Mac Challenge.”

Philippe Echaroux: Website | Facebook | Instagram
h/t: [PetaPixel]

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Philippe Echaroux.

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