Man Spends Years Creating Detailed Models of WWI Trenches

trench warfare military modeling

For the past several years, Andy Belsey has created models of WWI trench sections in painstaking detail. So far he's modeled 9 different sections and blogs about his work on [Editor's note: The website “Military Modeling” is no longer active; Belsey now has his own website where he shares tutorials on how he builds his models.] Made from everyday objects, he's ingeniously found ways to realistically recreate the look and feel of the trenches.

Trench warfare has become synonymous with World War I, when it was heavily used on the Western Front from 1914 to 1918. This defensive strategy saw the military construct elaborate systems protected with barbed wire, mines, and other obstacles as they hunkered down to weather the storm of enemy fire. Belsey's models are helpfully labeled to show the different aspects of trench construction, their materials, and how they relate geographically to the enemy line.

For more than four years, Belsey has shared his progress, posting detailed behind the scenes explanations of how he brings his military models to life. Whether it's folding miniature cigarette packets or painting soil to get a realistic effect, his dedication to quality is admirable.

Andy Belsey creates stunning military models of different WWI trenches. Over several years he's built 9 different sections.

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Belsey documents his work on, showing how his trenches come to life in painstaking detail.

trench warfare military modelingworld war i military models trenchwwi military modelstrench warfare military modelingwwi military modelsAndy Belsey: Imgur | Website
h/t: [reddit]

All images via Andy Belsey.

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