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60+ Artists Show Off the Beautifully Skillful Pages of Their Moleskine Sketchbooks

The Moleskine Project - Spoke Art

Alpay Efe

For the seventh year, Spoke Art presents The Moleskine Project—its annual collective celebrating the artist sketchbook. International artists from across the new contemporary movement were asked to place their visions on the pages of a Moleskine sketchbook. The results are currently on display at Spoke Art's New York City gallery for the first time.

Over 60 artists are on show, using different mediums and techniques to produce their work. Street artist Aaron Lil-Hill incorporates aerosol paint into a sketch that looks as though it could easily make the leap from paper to wall. Italian artist Marco Mazzoni stuck close to his beloved colored pencils for a piece that demonstrates his love of flora and fauna, while Alpay Efe used the paper like a canvas to create an oil portrait in his signature realist style.

One of the most immediate and intimate means of expressing creativity, sketchbooks are extremely versatile yet rarely displayed. The Moleskine Project VII is an unprecedented opportunity to get up close and personal with artists' sketchbooks.

Work from The Moleskine Project VII is available for purchase via Spoke Art's website. The exhibition is visible to the public at Spoke Art in the Lower East Side through August 25, 2018.

The Moleskine Project is Spoke Art's annual celebration of artists' sketchbooks and features over 60 international artists.

Artist Sketchbooks

Marco Mazzoni

Artist Sketchbooks

Aaron Lil-Hill

Moleskine Exhibit at Spoke Art

Daniel Bilodeau

Moleskine Exhibit at Spoke Art

Alessandra Maria

The Moleskine Project - Spoke Art

Teagan White

Artist Sketchbooks

Greg Gandy

Artist Sketchbooks

Kelsey Beckett

Moleskine Exhibit at Spoke Art

Jessica Hess

The Moleskine Project - Spoke Art

Vanessa Foley

Moleskine Art

Rodrigo Luff

Moleskine Art

Matt Richie

The Moleskine Project - Spoke Art

Sergio Barrale

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Jessica Stewart

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